Sunday, September 3, 2017

Clever Fantasy Football Names

Clever Eagles-related Fantasy Football Team Names

It's that time of year! The dog days of summer are dwindling to an end, the air starts to become crisper and cooler, the leaves begin to change colors and fall from their homes among the branches...

You know what I'm talking about: time for your fantasy football drafts!
Before I begin, I will note that sharing your team allegiance BEFORE beginning your fantasy draft is a bad idea, as it may prompt other people to snatch promising fantasy players from your favorite team before you get a chance to draft them. So, it is wise to refrain from using any of these names until your draft is over, lest you tip your hand.
So, here are the Eagles-themed names I'm using for my fantasy football teams: 
  • King Wentz-eslas
  • From Wentz We Came
  • The Birds and the Bees
Can you tell I'm a fan of Carson Wentz?...

We Are All Witnesses Nike

Got some clever Eagles-themed names of your own? Share them below, if you'd like!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Eagles Wallpaper

New Eagles Wallpaper

Need a new Eagles wallpaper? Excited about the team's new rookies? Here you go, free for your enjoyment:

I got this Rasul Douglas quote from a Bleeding Green Nation article about the final Eagles-Dolphins joint training camp practice before Week 3 of the 2017 preseason. Here's the link, credit to writer John Barchard and Bleeding Green Nation.

Reportedly, this lighthearted quote came from Rasul as he was running stride-for-stride down the field with a young Dolphins receiver named Jakeem Grant.

They both laughed about it afterward; so it was all in good fun!

As I imagined it, this made a pretty funny scene—gotta find a way to break up the monotony of training camp! Plus, your opponent can't outrun you if he's laughing :)

And, in honor of the namesake of this blog, here are a few wallpapers featuring Brian Dawkins, who is always a relevant Eagles picture to feature on your computer:

Friday, April 28, 2017

Did the Eagles make a mistake in Round 1?

Did the Eagles make a mistake in Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft?

In short: No.

Former NFL defensive end Stephen White is very enthusiastic about Barnett:

I also like what I see from his piece in the Players' Tribune, though that's mostly just a marketing opportunity for players and their agents. I do like the creativity and the good writing in the piece, though; these speak well to Barnett's intelligence, which certainly can't hurt as he tries to make a name for himself at the NFL level:

His production and game tape speak for themselves, and his Combine didn't show special athleticism...but he was sick with the flu during that week. Imagine running football drills while you have the flu!!! That tells me that he's a competitor and a grinder, and the game tape shows me that even Alabama respects his abilities as a run defender--and Barnett even got a sack against a mobile QB on the well-coached Alabama offense!

So, in short...the Eagles picked a productive player who is likely to excel after a couple of years. And, since pass-rushers are so valuable, this is a good pick at an important position. They can find good corners elsewhere in the draft, but they can't get such productive and impactful defensive ends later.

I'm confident that the Eagles did the right thing.

Welcome to Philly, Derek!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Should the Eagles pick Gareon Conley at #14 overall?

Contrary to Betteridge's Law of Headlines, I'm starting to think that the answer is "yes."
Some people would object that he's 'bad value' at 14 overall, since some "experts" are projecting that he'll be picked at the end of the first round or the beginning of the second. But check out this scout's take on Conley.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Which WR should the Eagles draft?

Everyone talks about Western Michigan's Corey Davis, and with good reason. I like Davis' tape, work ethic, and drive to succeed! I do think Davis will be a good NFL wide receiver, and I certainly won't be upset if the Eagles draft him!

But he's not without his faults, and I don't think he's the WR that the Eagles should select--even though I think Davis is going to be very good.

I want the Eagles to pick Virginia Tech's Isaiah Ford or Penn State's Chris Godwin in Round 2-3. Here's why: